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Wendi’s passion for health started in high school and before her twenties, she already had years of strength and nutrition coaching under her belt. After several fitness competitions and many successful client transformations, her health journey took an unexpected turn and her own health began deteriorating. Wendi was faced with devastating paralysis, seizures, organ failure, depression and anxiety. Over several years of study with countless specialists and medical textbooks, she relentlessly pursued a diagnosis and settled for nothing less than complete healing. She applied Naturopathic Medicine, herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Essential Oils, Homeopathy, and food to heal herself from late stage Lyme Disease and AutoImmune conditions. With an incredible amount of new health information to share, she left her corporate job as an executive and gave away all she owned to be completely free - to go and do whatever was necessary to help others being misguided by wellness systems.

With no plan or connections and just an old Ford Explorer she bought on Craigslist, Wendi moved to Nashville, TN and started teaching. Her seminars caught the attention of a publisher and soon thereafter, her recipes, food hacks, and client stories were put to print. Within no time, she found herself health coaching touring musicians and becoming a “go to” caterer for VIP events. Eventually, media opportunities for her newly published book led her to Los Angeles. Although she planned to return to Nashville, business relationships developed in LA and she fell madly in love with the city. While formulating and manufacturing her food products, Wendi partnered as one of the founding members of Next Health, a progressive wellness center in Hollywood. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Wellness Programs and utilizes her 15+ years of business, biohacking, and health expertise to create unique strategies for people to reach their full potential and optimal health. Projects on the horizon include a cutting edge application that will change the way people shop for food and innovative pro-health and longevity products utilizing nanomedicine.

Wendi currently resides in Santa Monica, CA and is writing her second book.  She has a line of nutrition bars available online and in stores, along with several other food products gearing to launch nationwide in the Spring of 2017. Wendi makes daily efforts to cultivate joy by learning languages, playing guitar, and intentionally stopping to thank the people who are too often overlooked. Her current passions include road trips, quantum physics, biohacking and anything that she can climb or hang upside down on. Though a believer that all things are possible, she does not subscribe to delusional optimism. Embracing the reality of both ups and downs are essential as well as an advantage in becoming resilient and whole.