From Wendi’s diverse experience in fitness, medicine, nutrition, cultural health, genetics and biochemistry comes a synergistic wellness approach unlike any other in the industry.  Her ability to seamlessly merge physical, mental and emotional health utilizing both ancient tradition with future health systems offers achievable transformation for even the most challenging situations and demographics. Wendi specializes in crafting individualized health solutions that build strong bodies, optimize career performance and limit the potential for physical, mental and emotional health obstacles.

Wendi has an ability to reawaken passion and move people back into their power and purpose. With her holistic approach using food, fitness and a variety of unique health practices, she is able to equip top performers in demanding fields with the tools necessary to move ahead, out pace the competition and hold their lead.  

In addition to one on one coaching and speaking, Wendi is a published author, a Founding Member and Director of Advanced Wellness Programs for health centers across the country and Product Innovator / Chief of Research and Development for several of her own food and supplement brands. 


Service Offerings:


Holistic Health Coaching

Nutrition Consultations

Key Note / Motivational Speaking

Personal Training

Food and Supplement Development Projects

                                                                           *All Services can be tailored for one on one or corporate audiences

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