A Reason to Skip the Gym

This may be the first time you’ve ever heard a trainer tell you not to work out. I’m honored to be the one to deliver the news. There are some pre-qualifications, however, for this to apply to you. Do you feel generally more fatigued when on an exercise program? Do you lack results from the hard work despite adjusted diet and regular exercise? Does it sometimes feel like you are “lighter” when you are not on an exercise program? By lighter I mean a generalized feeling. You almost feel heavier or more bloated when you are on a program than when you are not.


All of these things point to adrenal fatigue, low functioning thyroid or both. I’m sure you’ve heard of those before. The issue is this. You’re body responds to stress. Whether it is a car accident or a morning at the gym, it’s a stress and we are designed to cope. Exercise can and should be a stress that helps improve our wellbeing but when we engage in it with our coping system on shut down or our hormones inadequate, we are doing more damage than good.


I have, and will continue to decline to train people that are experiencing adrenal fatigue. Not because I can’t do it, but because A. I am FOR the health of my clients and I know an added stress, even one with good intentions could potentially through them overboard. B. Based on experience, results are difficult and very limited when adrenals are not healthy and I want all my clients to WIN like the champions they were made to be and C. True and long lasting health is a delicate balance that I take very seriously.


So what do I do? Instead of going to the gym, I coach them on recognizing cause of stress, eliminating underlying unknown pre-cursors of stress and most importantly, get them in to see a qualified doctor that will run the correct tests and implement a treatment protocol that will help restore balance. For you, I recommend the same things. First and foremost, an accurate review of your adrenal, thyroid and hormone health. Most Holistic doctors are amazing at this! During the rebalancing, I recommend light activity. Anything that refreshes you. Ask yourself honestly, what makes you feel alive? Do that. I like to roller skate. It is seriously good for my spirit. It makes me laugh.


In short. If the gym or your current program is not giving life or results stop, take a deep breath and give yourself some grace.  Find a great doctor who will check for thyroid, adrenal and hormone health. As you do that, engage in an activity that is life giving, timeless and makes you smile.  

Posted on May 28, 2014 and filed under Fitness.