Dandelion Greens

I am often asked about juicing. What I think about it, is it useful, is it safe, etc, etc. I could write an entire blog series on that topic alone. There are a lot of recipes and articles so I try not to duplicate, in fact, I really try to simplify. I do have a “less is more” mentality for the most part. A few organic, affordable ingredients. Specific ingredients to  minimize cost and time while maximizing nutrient and health benefits. One of my staple ingredients is Dandelion greens. Inexpensive and super useful!


Dandelion is bitter so eating it can be difficult. This is another reason why juicing it is a great option, you won’t get it at meals or as a regular part of your diet. A few reasons to make this a staple in your juice concoction include the cleansing properties for your liver, blood, kidneys and gallbladder. Also, the improved intestinal function, the healthy effects on blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugars and, let’s not forget it’s anti-inflammatory benefits and cancer preventative properties. I could go on but I think you get the picture. This is one green you probably don’t want to leave out of your juice.

Posted on June 5, 2014 and filed under Food.