Duck Eggs

Eggs are not typically part of my diet. Sometimes I will be treated to an amazing batch of fresh farm eggs from a close friend and I will enjoy the occasional one or two. I’m asked a lot what the reason is for my egglessness. I simply say, as I do to most things, it’s just my personal choice. I prefer my breakfast to be antibiotic and hormone free. Call me crazy. In addition, I have become well acquainted with the way my body reacts to certain foods and you know, eggs and my body don’t really get along that well. So I choose to forgo the beloved egg except for the rare instance, like the other day.


I do love a Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market! This especially warm morning, as I wove my way around an unfamiliar market, I found myself at a booth being introduced to some mini pink cupcakes. As I took a sample bite I gazed upon two 8x10 framed photos. Each photo was, what appeared to be, a duck selfie. Of course I had to ask. And in response, “Oh, those are my babies!” Hmmm. Perhaps you’re wondering what pink cupcakes and Duck Selfies have to do with each other, as was I. This beautiful baker began to explain how her cupcakes (gluten-free and delicious, I might add) are unique because she uses Duck Eggs and that makes them fluffier. Interesting, I did not know this. Because I usually bake egg-free I was unaware and felt compelled to try myself. Lucky me, she also happened to have duck eggs for sale.


So, while the ‘fluffier‘ cake aspect was fun and exciting, it wasn’t enough for me to jump back on the egg bandwagon. I couldn’t help but want to know more. What I found out is that a duck egg contains (according to several resources) twice the nutrients as a chicken egg. Nearly 2 times the protein. Is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids and is alkaline forming to boot. Now, just to be fair, all these amazing facts are still dependent on the duck’s diet. Still, noteworthy and impressive. The lovely baker I met cares well for her “babies” and feeds them accordingly. 


I enjoyed my duck egg, I made some scrumptious waffles (head over to my Instagram for the recipe) which did, in fact, come out fluffier and I learned a few things. Will I be eating eggs on the regular now? Nah. But as life goes on and instances arise where an egg is needed, I will choose a Duck Egg. 

Posted on June 13, 2014 and filed under Food.