GO. BE. HAPPY. Real Food for Real Life!

I have a hard time buying nutrition bars. I’m pretty picky when it comes to ingredients and I’m VERY picky when it comes to taste. Over the past several years I have made clients their snacks for them. It was kinda part of the deal. See, snacking is a big issue when it comes to a weight loss / health program. If one doesn’t snack, meals end up being WAY too much of the wrong things. If one does snack, it is likely the choices being made are not conducive to the goal. I make great snacks. So, I would custom create recipes for the clients I had and when I delivered them it was as if Christmas morning had arrived early. They loved, I mean LOVED their snacks. It was awesome and they were very successful. I had this idea that maybe I should make bars, for more than just my clients. It just so happened that I already had a project in the works with a fabulous friend of mine. It was a company we were creating called Go. Be. Happy. and we were developing products for the health and wellness industry. 


One morning over a cup of tea I shared the idea to make said bars, to which she whole heartedly agreed. Now, the pressure was on because I simply could not make a bar that I personally would not eat. I wanted organic ingredients without all the lame additives. No soy, no gluten, no wheat, no dairy, no corn, no whey, no grains and no artificial sweeteners or refined sugars. Whew! What is even left to use? Well, I did it! I made nutrition bars that taste amazing and I did it without any of those ingredients.  Perhaps my favorite part is that they are super duper filling. I am full after eating just one. Let me tell you, that is a miracle. This girl can EAT! Such a dense bar, chock full of nutrients and I feel like I’m sneaking in a cheat meal. Did I mention that each bar has a purpose beyond the nutritional value? I added Green Tea Extract in the GO bar, Lemon Balm Extract in the BE bar and Cacao in the HAPPY bar. As is they weren’t awesome enough already! 


All that is great fun but you know what really lights me up about this company? The donating of funds to plant and grow food for underserved populations. I think real food should be for everyone. I’d like to be a planter of seeds that will change lives in the generations to come and see children 20 years from now enjoying the fruit of what we’ve sown. I’m a dreamer. I’m also a believer. Those two things together can accomplish pretty much anything!  One seed at a time is more than ok by me! Every time someone eats one of our bars, someone else has an opportunity to eat real food too. We believe in immediate impact so our planting ASAP!


The story of these bars is actually much more beautiful than I can fully get into now and quite honestly, very personal. One day I will share it in it’s entirety. Let’s just say that these bars are divine. In flavor and in creation. The stars certainly aligned for Go. Be. Happy.  I would love for you to check them out sometime. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you around, but just think, if you go now you can say you liked them before they were cool! Oh how I love you all!! These bars are for you! 



Posted on July 29, 2014 .