The Bikini Body Bedlam

It’s almost summer. Do you know how I know this? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not because of the warmer weather. It’s not because of the month or the longer hours of sun. I know that this celestial season is upon us because of the constant bikini body workout posts plastered across every social medium. 

Listen, I enjoy a new workout as much as the next girl I do, I really do. My frustration with this particularly popular topic has nothing to do with hating on fitness or the people writing the articles. My frustration is with the fact that what many women get out of these trendy write ups is a lot of negative self talk and ill-fitting motivation. I don’t like that. When I train my clients, I have to undo that kind of stuff. So many people are defeated by this broken system already and these binge workouts are not helpful.

I like to call this season “New Year’s Resolution, Round 2.”  Remember January 1st and those promises you made yourself? Ever wonder where those went?. I mean, why they REALLY just disappeared? Let me tell you. It’s because there is no real root to the motive. It’s a day everyone picks to use as a turning point so people don’t feel like they are alone in taking on a new challenge or a putting a stop to something that is unhealthy or harmful. It’s a safe time to try it and also a safe time to fail because 92% of people do. I’m all for change, but not a fan of vicious cycles. 

There has got to be more than this involved to make true, lasting headway. Not just when it’s the first of the year and not just when the little, tiny outfits are ready to be moved to the front of the closet. Let’s pick a different day, let’s say.. Mmmmm.. how about TODAY? What is YOUR real motivation? Why DON’T you want to put on a bikini? What bothers you about it? Why does it bother you? How did it happen? Do you really want to eat healthier? I mean, really? Be honest, no one is listening, this is between you and .. well, you. Are you concerned with your health or just concerned with your body? Step one of every new endeavor should be soul searching. If you want to plant a seed well, it takes getting a little dirty. The truth is sometimes messy but I PROMISE you, if you start there, seeds will take root! Why do you want a bikini body? It’s perfectly ok to want one, but WHY? Further, what does that even MEAN? Bikini Body? Get down to the nitty gritty truth, sit there a minute and don’t come out until you know why. You have to be sold on it 100% or don't start YET. All that does is result in defeat. Do something because you are ready and willing. Not because of a season or a significant other or what some else said to you. You decide. You be in control. You point at what you want then go get it. Oh! And, in case no one has told you yet, no matter what you decide, you are worthy and valuable and significant. Bikini Body or no Bikini Body. Make sure there is no sneaky self sabotage going on! 

The next issue I have is more scientific than emotional. There is no such thing as target training. In my humble opinion the only kind of training to do is personal training. I don’t mean the kind where you hire someone, I mean the kind where you, YOU personally decide what you like and want to do, then you go do it. I LOVE boxing. Not just because it creates some pretty killer arms and abs but I feel alive when I'm punching things (that's a separate issue for another blog:)). Some people love swimming, some like to hike. Pick one and have fun. The reality is, if you do a million leg raises and nothing else, you will look the same. Now you can be free of that fitness myth. You are welcome:)

Think of this new life strategy as creating a relationship with health, not just playing games with it or using it. It is not healthy or productive to cheat in our relationships with people. Realize that when you make a commitment to yourself to get healthier and then change your mind on a daily basis you are cheating on yourself. Stop. Just stop. You are better than that and you deserve to be committed to.

It is wonderful for me to be front row to people achieving their health goals. But what is even better is seeing people love themselves well through the process. That is where the real, permanent success comes from. In a world where we have to fight the urge to do constant comparisons to photo shopped photos, it is difficult to look in the mirror and be ok with what’s there. Our internal dialogue is straight up ugly much of the time. Don’t forget that our brains tell our body what to do. That internal dialog is giving your body instruction. Please be kind. Tell yourself lovely things, even if you can’t see them yet. It does matter, very much what you say.

All this to say, I am over all, 100% for a healthy body and by that I mean, whatever shape it comes in and whether or not it fits into a bikini nicely or not. What matters most to me is how women feel in their skin. Now that’s a workout worth my time. 10 moves to feeling awesome in your own magnificent skin. As a matter of fact… stay tuned. That workout I will write myself. :)

Now… go play in the sun, without wardrobe concerns or limitations you were made to  :)

Posted on April 22, 2018 .