Change - A six-letter, four-letter word

I am not going to try and hide the fact that I have not written content for this blog in over a year. Instead, I will shine a bright spotlight on it. For a split second I scanned through my internal “reasons I have not written” list and none of them were noteworthy. All were excuses. There was, however, a consistent theme that ran through each… Change. See, now that is worth writing about. 

I am a personal trainer and people come to me to "change" their bodies. I am a nutrition coach so people come to me to "change" their diets and eating habits. I am a wellness advocate and people look to me to help them "change" their health. I am a creator of products and systems and in order to make things scale, I have to know how to make them "change". With my hands in many projects, my daily schedule is constantly "changing" . All that to say, I am not personally or professionally affected much by these occurrences anymore. But wait… Let me digress a moment.

Because I have the absolute honor of walking through some of the most vulnerable experiences with people, I know that change is frightening and in many cases, the main reason goals haven't been met or desires haven't been chased. There is a comfort in certainty and structure. Change is a six letter, four letter word to most people, whether they want to admit it or not. It is the tie that binds. 

Ok, ok, so change is scary. By definition it is, “To make or become different; to give up something in exchange for another.”  Do NOT sign me up for that, right? In essence it tells us we have to give up sleep in order to workout. We have to give up pizza to eat healthy.  We have to become a crazy, calorie counting, no fun having person to reach our health goals. What if I want to be present and joyful, stay up late and love the taste of food PLUS be healthy, eat well and choose a proactive approach to my health? Do I really have to give up one for another? I say NO! Because the reality is, most things do NOT require change. 

Here is some food for thought (I love saying that because it’s like offering something delicious that has no calories:) We have it wrong and we are making ourselves crazy in the process. Let’s do a word swap.      Change  <  Adjust. By definition … to alter or move slightly; small alterations. That is the sweet spot. That is balance. Give yourself a little grace, would ya please?

Alter and move slightly to add space for what is important! That is really all I am doing, all day long. I am adjusting. I help people alter their bodies, diet and health. I adjust products and systems so they work as they scale. To indicate change is to say potentially we need to start over. No, no! Shift! Just move slightly. It's easy, doable and sustainable. Don’t EVER trade the most important things in life for something else. Keep your family and friends as a priority ADJUST to make them part of your new lifestyle. Enjoy the meal, food is supposed to taste good just ALTER where you eat and how often you indulge. Work towards your career goals, ALL of them! Stay up when you’re in the Flow and hop on a plane to make that meeting, just adjust your diet and supplementation to ensure you are proactively taking care of your health and MOVE SLIGHTLY your schedule to not neglect the greatest gifts we’re given, each other. 

Change is inevitable. Change is when your dad is diagnosed with Terminal Cancer and you leave everything to go be with him. Change is when something better than you could have ever imagined is at your fingertips but it means leaving home for a new city along with financial challenges. Change happens when people are exposed, when truth comes knocking and when you realize circumstances are not as they were presented and you gotta put the brakes on. Even in those experiences, change is not worthy of fear. I have not blogged for over a year because I have been through a LOT of changes. I know I am not the only one, many of you have been working through similar things. What is important is that I am writing this and you are reading this because we are mastering the “Adjust” in our lives and not allowing the “Change” to have the final say.

Love, Wendi

Posted on January 22, 2018 and filed under Fitness, Food.