Oh Food! It's such a love hate relationship, but it doesn't have to be. With the immense amounts of "diets" and information, where does one even begin? Wendi's take on the subject is this "Food works for you, you don't work for food." Easier said than done when most people are intimidated just by walking into a grocery store. It seems daunting and complicated. Regardless of the goal, whether weight loss, muscle building or disease prevention, the first thing to do is understand the options and stop being marketed to. Wendi specializes in empowering people with knowledge from an unbiased position. Gain confidence in meal planning, label reading, and grocery shopping. Wendi equips her clients well to make choices that align with personal goals and budget. Programs are individualized and can include one, a few, or all of the following: Kitchen Make-over, Meal Plan Design, Grocery Budgeting, Supermarket Tours, Recipe creation and All in One Day Meal Prep Adventures (everything is an adventure with Wendi:) Package pricing begins at $150.