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Early in her career as a Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Consultant and Fitness Competitor, Wendi found success mastering the scientific manipulation of her physique and strength conditioning utilizing unique synergistic food and herb combinations. A full time Corporate Executive, Wendi learned how to creatively strategize in the work place and build optimal programs. A combination of these seemingly unrelated skills proved invaluable when Wendi encountered her own health challenge. Six years and thousands of hours of research later, Wendi emerged a survivor with a new set of rules for the food, health and wellness industry. 

Beyond the educating, training and motivating of others to achieve their personal best. Wendi designs wellness programs, formulates and consults to create healthy solutions for the food industry. In addition to her published cookbook, Effortless Real Food, Wendi brought to market a line of multi purpose whole food bars. Wendi has also teamed up with top wellness experts in West Hollywood to open Next Health ( a center for optimized human performance. As a Director of Product Innovation, Wendi completed multiple private label food and supplement projects during 2017 alongside her all-star team.  2018 holds even more exciting natural food market place entries and includes cutting edge technology that will change how people shop for food. She specializes in formulating health solutions that build strong bodies and enhance the human experience. 

Using delicious, whole food recipes, her extensive knowledge and energetic spirit as an icebreaker, Wendi has an ability to reawaken human potential and move people back into their power and purpose. In addition to one on one coaching and training, Wendi is a passionate speaker impacting lives with her vulnerability and willingness to share unfiltered. With an extensive background as a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Product Developer and Health Coach, her offerings for corporate and personal health services are vast and unlike any other in the industries she represents.